• There are several topics unsolved or solved but not reaching to the satisfying among our current research. We would like to post them there and welcome highly-motivated students as interns to work together to solve them. Our goal is to solve the corresponding problem with an efficient and effective way and then output it with an academic form including the open-source codes, technical report and academic paper.

  • To achieve these goals, we also presented the necessary requirements for the students who are planning to join us:

    • You should be a student affiliated to Sichuan University, either campus is fine.

    • Each project only opens to ONE student, which means we do not accept a student team.


  • GPU implementation of EC methods (at least GA and PSO)

  • A survey of large-scale machine learning platforms (e.g., Spark, Map Reduce, etc.)

  • Pytorch implementations of neural architecture search algorithms

How to Apply

  • You should submit a research proposal to us for the evaluation

  • The research proposal should contain:

    • Abstract

    • Introduction

    • Goals (welcome to contact me for further knowing)

    • Plans

    • and the necessary references

  • We only accept the research proposal in the PDF format, you could make it using Latex


  • A one-to-one guide on how to start a project and writing the research paper

  • Available multiple GPU cards (equipped at Wangjiang Campus)

  • Reasonable subsidy for transportation and research expenses

  • We afford you the travel expense if you submit the research output to top-tier conferences

Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or questions regarding the above items.